About us


Our story starts in 2017 when Viki and Doug Barker (partners and co-founders of TWOWINGZ Inc, a local Centre Wellington start-up) decided to be innovative with a traditional family heritage recipe.          

Our Story

At the time, Doug Indicated that he had always enjoyed authentic Ginger beer and wanted to explore making this style of ginger beer instead of buying it. Doug wanted to recreate a typical heritage 17th-century version fermented on the countertop.      


Viki suggested they try out a traditional heritage-style Caribbean-inspired family recipe dated back to her 4 times great grandmother reserved only for very special occasions such as Christmas. 


Viki and Doug reproduced this version as is and found it to be different in taste from existing versions. But not distinctive enough to make something significant. As her ancestor's version in its current state would mean having another ginger beer competing with far too many other products in the market that include processed Ingredients. added water, additives and preservatives.


This insight save the co-founders an innovative solution to re-envision the recipe to its current full-strength, plant-based, functional product in a way it would still preserve its authentic roots as a historical product but quite distinctive and unusual it would be something completely different. 


There is a refreshing balance between the natural sugars and fiber in the product as well. It is produced without fermentation enabling it to be used as a "Social Mixer Alcohol-freestyle product to be enjoyed for all occasions, and events that allows our customers to enjoy creative adult alcoholic-free options with all of the flavour and none of the memory loss associated with their boozy counterparts, which adds value to our customers' wellness and lifestyle.